Short-term debt for 2019 – new offers, more choice

September 28, 2019 by No Comments

Each year brings a bit of change in the market of companies that offer non-bank loans. New entities and new offers are emerging. This can be particularly beneficial for people in debt. New payday loans without checking your credit history always create additional opportunities to raise the funds you need.

New payday loans for those in debt

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There are more and more offers of non-bank loans in which the customer’s creditworthiness is not put first. Short-term debt for 2019 – the latest market offer can appear under many names. Usually, it refers to requirements that the borrower cannot normally and does not have to meet to obtain a non-bank loan. We explain the types of payday loans and what to expect from a specific offer.

Payday loans without bases – what does this mean?

For many lenders, an important part of the process of verifying the client’s financial credibility is checking his possible debt. Then they refer to data collected by authorized institutions. There are several such in Poland. They make available – of course to specific entities and with the consent of the consumer – credit and economic information. It should be emphasized that their operation is enabled and regulated by legal provisions contained in specific acts.

The databases in question are the Credit Information Bureau and the Economic Information Bureau. It is worth knowing the differences between them. TLV is one institution and therefore maintains one uniform register. The data contained herein relate to the credit history of persons who incurred financial liabilities. They come from banking and non-banking institutions, and only these institutions have access to them. Information can be both positive – timely repayment and negative – overdue repayment obligations.

Payday loans with a Jenny Credit – are there such loans?

Jenny Credit attachment is the last stage in the creditor recovery process. This means that neither earlier payment requests nor even a court order for payment induced the debtor to pay them back. Jenny Credit enforcement then becomes a necessity. This is probably not a simple situation for the person against whom the debt is being collected.